Being Set Free


A: You're free to go.
B: That's great.
A: What are your plans now that you're getting out?
B: I want to go back to school.
A: What is your major going to be?
B: I haven't decided yet.
A: I hope I don't ever see you back in here.
B: I'm never coming back.
A: This really isn't the place for you.
B: I realize that.
A: Good luck out there.
B: Thanks. Things are going to be different now.


A: You're free to leave.
B: I'm so excited.
A: What are you planning on doing now?
B: I'm going back to college.
A: What are you going to major in?
B: I haven't thought about it yet.
A: I don't want to see you back here.
B: You won't see me here again.
A: I don't think this place is for you.
B: I know.
A: I wish you luck.
B: Thanks. I know things are going to be better.


A: You're all set to leave.
B: I can't believe it.
A: What are your plans?
B: I plan on going back to school.
A: What will your major be?
B: I'm not sure yet, but I plan to do good things.
A: You don't have plans to end up back here, do you?
B: I have no plans on being back.
A: You don't belong here.
B: That's true.
A: Good luck with your life.
B: I'm going to be fine.


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