Cooking Dinner


A: What's for dinner tonight?
B: It's whatever you're planning on cooking.
A: You're not going to cook?
B: No, I always cook.
A: Yes, and I love your cooking.
B: Don't give me that. If you're hungry, then cook dinner.
A: You're being serious?
B: Look, I'm really tired tonight. I don't feel like cooking dinner.
A: I'll make dinner tonight.
B: Thank you. I'm going to bed.
A: Do you want me to wake you up when dinner is ready?
B: Yes, please.


A: What are we going to eat for dinner?
B: Whatever meal that you plan on making.
A: I thought you were making dinner tonight.
B: I do all the cooking.
A: Your food tastes so much better than mine.
B: Save it. If you want something to eat, then make it yourself.
A: You really want me to cook tonight?
B: I had a long day today. I really am not in the mood to make anything.
A: No problem.
B: Thanks. I'm going to go take a nap.
A: Would you like me to come get you when the food is done?
B: Thank you.


A: So, what's on the menu for dinner tonight?
B: You tell me.
A: You're not going to make anything to eat?
B: You never cook. I always do.
A: I think you're a better cook than I am.
B: Oh please, you need to cook tonight.
A: So you're telling me that you want me to make dinner?
B: It was a hard day. Can you just do this for me tonight?
A: I'll cook dinner, don't worry.
B: I'm going to go rest for a little bit.
A: I'll come wake you when it's ready, okay?
B: Thanks.


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