An Argument


A: John, I was talking to the travel agent about where we might be taking our vacation this year.
B: I am going fishing in Alaska with my friend, Mark.
A: What are you talking about?
B: What's wrong with heading out with Mark for vacation?
A: You and I have been together for a whole year, and our vacation time should be about the two of us!
B: Really? Who made that rule up?
A: With that attitude, I don't really think we have much more to discuss here.
B: That works for me!


A: John, I was looking through some magazines for ideas about where we might go on vacation this year.
B: I've already told my buddy, Mark, that I am going hunting with him in Alaska.
A: You can't be serious!
B: Hey, I've always gone hunting or fishing on vacation. I am sorry that bothers you.
A: After a year together, I thought it pretty safe to assume that we would automatically spend our vacation together.
B: Says who? I don't think that is necessarily the case.
A: You know, now that I think about it, I really don't have much more to say to you at all!
B: Whatever you say!


A: Brian and Christina were mentioning that maybe it would be fun to go on vacation together this year, John.
B: I thought that I already told you that I am going with Mark to Alaska.
A: Are you kidding me?
B: You know what? You and I had no plans, so I made plans with Mark. What's the problem?
A: We have been together for a year and usually, people who've been together a year, take their vacation together.
B: I don't think that I ever heard of that rule before. Any more rules that you would like to tell me about?
A: Go on your vacation with Mark and when you come back, why don't you just move in with him as well!
B: I am really looking forward to getting away from you. Far away from you!


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