Health Insurance


A: I would like to purchase some health insurance.
B: Have you ever purchased health insurance before?
A: I have health insurance now, but I want to look into other choices.
B: Do you know if you are interested in an HMO or a PPO?
A: Could you explain the difference to me?
B: To clarify it for you, with a PPO you pay more but you get to choose your own doctor.
A: When I pay for a service, is the payment the same for a PPO or HMO?
B: The payments are quite a bit higher for the PPO, but you can go anywhere you like.
A: How much will an HMO cost me per month?
B: Go to our website and fill in the questionnaire. Once we have all of your information, we can give you a quote.


A: I am calling to purchase health insurance.
B: Do you have health insurance now?
A: I was on my parents' policy, but I need to start buying my own.
B: You can purchase an HMO or a PPO. Do you know what you want?
A: I don't know what I want.
B: Let me explain it to you. An HMO is a little cheaper, but you can only choose certain doctors.
A: When I go to the doctor, do I pay the same out-of-pocket expenses for a PPO?
B: The payments are a little lower for an HMO as long as you go to their doctors.
A: How much will a PPO cost me per month?
B: We need to factor in many things. Why don't you come in, and we will have you fill out a questionnaire.


A: I need information on purchasing health insurance.
B: Is this the first time you have had health insurance?
A: This is my first time buying health insurance.
B: You have a choice of HMO or PPO. Do you understand the difference?
A: I am not sure what those are.
B: Just so you understand completely: An HMO is a little cheaper, but you have limited choices of which doctor you choose.
A: If I need to use my insurance, are the payments the same for a PPO and HMO?
B: By going to the providers on the HMO list, you save money in out-of-pocket expenses.
A: Can you give me a comparison between a PPO and an HMO?
B: We can mail you a questionnaire and when we have all of your information, we will mail you a quote.


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