A Medical Emergency


A: What seems to be the problem?
B: Oh, my God! It's my stomach. It's killing me!
A: Where does it hurt the most?
B: Right here! It hurts right here!
A: How long has it felt like this?
B: I felt OK when I woke up, and then, suddenly, I had this really sharp pain.
A: Do you have a history of stomach pain?
B: No, and I haven't done anything out of the ordinary.
A: I think that we are going to have to get you to an emergency room right away.
B: Thank you for helping me.


A: Can you tell me where it hurts?
B: I am so glad they called you. It feels like something is really wrong with my stomach!
A: Does it hurt when I push here?
B: It's mostly on my right side. Right here!
A: Have you been feeling this way for awhile?
B: I started feeling kind of sick last night after dinner, but this morning the pain got really bad!
A: Have you eaten anything unusual lately?
B: No, not that I remember.
A: We are going to take you to an emergency room right now.
B: I will feel better when I know what the problem is. Thank you.


A: Where are you feeling the pain?
B: I can't stand up! My stomach is killing me!
A: Can you put your hand where it hurts the most?
B: It hurts smack in the middle of my gut!
A: Did this just come on suddenly?
B: I felt OK until an hour or so ago, and then I just doubled over.
A: Have you exercised strenuously or played sports recently?
B: No, and I don't usually get a lot of stomachaches.
A: We need to get you to an emergency room to see what the problem is.
B: I think that that is the best way to figure out what is causing this. Thank you.


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