Not Feeling Well


A: So, how are you feeling today?
B: I'm pretty tired. I haven't been sleeping well.
A: Do you have enough time to get the right amount of sleep?
B: I have enough time. I just can't seem to fall asleep and stay asleep.
A: What time do you usually go to bed?
B: I don't have one time in particular. I just go to sleep whenever I feel tired.
A: Have you been under a lot of stress lately?
B: I just lost my job, and I am unsure about being able to find another one.
A: Have you ever tried doing relaxation exercises before you go to bed?
B: I haven't ever tried that, but it sounds like a good idea.


A: How have you been doing lately?
B: Actually, I haven't been sleeping well. I am kind of out of it.
A: Is there some reason why you can't get enough sleep?
B: I go to bed, but I just can't get comfortable enough to stay asleep.
A: When do you turn in for the night?
B: I usually try to go to bed around 11:00 or so during the week.
A: Do you have a lot on your mind when you try to go to sleep?
B: My mother is ill with cancer, and I think about her a lot.
A: Do you ever meditate or read before bedtime?
B: I usually watch a lot of television before I go to bed. Maybe I should try something else to help me quiet down.


A: Has everything been OK with you lately?
B: I haven't been able to get a good night's sleep lately. I'm exhausted!
A: Have you been too busy to get enough sleep?
B: I try to go to sleep, but I just can't stay asleep.
A: How late do you try to go to sleep?
B: I go to bed when I finish my work.
A: Has anything in your day-to-day life been bothering you lately?
B: I am worried about how I am going to pay my tuition.
A: You might consider listening to relaxing music as you go to sleep to clear your head.
B: Doing something relaxing before I go to sleep sounds like a plan.


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