Asking about the Hotel Gym


A: Excuse me. Does this hotel have a fitness facility?
B: Yes, we try to accommodate all needs of our patrons, including fitness.
A: Where is your fitness facility located?
B: The gym is just below the lobby. Take the elevator or the stairs. You can't miss it.
A: Is there an additional surcharge for the gym?
B: No, the gym is free to guests. Take your room key, however, so you can get in.
A: What time is the gym open, and what time does it close?
B: The gym is open seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.
A: Do you offer trainer services along with the gym?
B: Unfortunately, no. If you want a trainer, you'll have to use another gym.


A: Pardon me. Does your hotel have a fitness facility?
B: Yes, sir. We try to anticipate all our guests' needs, including fitness.
A: Great! Where is it?
B: Sir, the gym is just below the lobby. You can take the elevator or the stairs.
A: Do I have to pay extra?
B: No, sir. It's gratis. Just take your room key so you can get in.
A: What are the gym hours?
B: You'll be happy to know that it's open 24/7.
A: Great! Is a trainer available?
B: I'm sorry, but no. We used to have a trainer, but then he had an unfortunate accident.


A: Does this hotel have an exercise facility?
B: But of course! We have a great exercise facility.
A: Good. Now exactly where is it?
B: It's located right under our lobby. Just take the elevator or the stairs one flight down.
A: Is this going to cost me anything?
B: No, sir. The gym is absolutely free. However, be sure to take your room key with you.
A: When does the gym open and close?
B: The hours couldn't be better, 24/7.
A: Very good. Now, is there a trainer down there?
B: I wish I could tell you yes, but no, there isn't.


A: Do you have a place where I can exercise?
B: Yes, sir. We have a fine exercise facility.
A: I'm happy to hear that. Now, would you tell me where it is?
B: You're actually standing above it. Just take the elevator or stairs down one level.
A: Is the hotel going to charge me a dollar a minute for gym use?
B: No, sir. There's no extra charge. All you need is your room key to open the door.
A: And the gym hours are?
B: Sir, you'll be pleased to know that our gym never closes.
A: One more question: Do you have a trainer?
B: We might be getting one in the near future. But at the present time, no.


A: Excuse me. Do you happen to have a gym here?
B: Yes, sir. I think you'll find our gym quite satisfactory.
A: So, where do I go to exercise?
B: It's only one flight down, sir. Just take the elevator or the stairs.
A: Am I going to be charged extra for using the gym?
B: Sir, you can use the gym for free. All you need is your room key.
A: Great! Now tell me, what are the hours of this gym?
B: Sir, our gym is open around the clock, every day of the week.
A: Do you have a trainer to help me work out?
B: I'm sorry, sir, but we have no trainer.

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