Calling to Report a Medical Emergency


A: I need a doctor immediately!
B: Sir, is everything all right?
A: My wife just collapsed on the floor!
B: Sir, I need you to calm down. Take deep breaths.
A: I'm sorry. It's just that my wife. I need the emergency room.
B: Sir, I'm dialing 911 on another line.
A: What's taking you so long?
B: I'm transferring you right now. Just remain calm.


A: Help me! I need a doctor!
B: What is the problem, sir?
A: My wife is on the floor!
B: Sir, please calm down. Take a deep breath.
A: I need some help, right now!
B: Sir, I'm going to put you through to 911.
A: Hurry, please!
B: I'm transferring you right now, sir.


A: I need a doctor right now!
B: Tell me the problem, sir.
A: My wife just passed out!
B: Sir, it's difficult to understand you. Please take a deep breath and calm down.
A: Don't tell me to calm down! My wife is passed out!
B: I'm getting 911 on another line, sir.
A: Okay, but hurry.
B: Stay calm, sir, and talk clearly.


A: Get a doctor here, immediately!
B: What's the problem, sir?
A: My wife is on the floor, she's unconscious!
B: Sir, could you calm down a little bit, please?
A: Calm down?! My wife is unconscious, and you're telling me to calm down?!
B: Hold on just a second, sir. I'm dialing 911.
A: Hurry up, please.
B: I'm connecting you now, sir.


A: A doctor! I need a doctor!
B: Give me some details, sir.
A: Something is wrong with my wife. She's lying on the floor.
B: Sir, if you don't calm down, you might have a stroke yourself.
A: You're right, I'm beside myself with worry.
B: Hold on, sir. I'm connecting you with 911.
A: Time is critical. Hurry up!
B: I hope everything turns out well, sir. Here's 911.

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