Checking Out


A: I am checking out. Here is the key to my room.
B: Thank you. I'll just print out your receipt, and then you're free to go. Here you go!
A: Thanks.
B: If you don't mind me asking, how did you enjoy your stay at New York Hotel?
A: This hotel could use some insecticide, but my time in New York was thoroughly delightful.
B: That's very honest of you. Rest assured that this hotel will have no insects next time.


A: I want to check out. Here is my room key.
B: One second, sir, while I print out your receipt. Here you are.
A: Thanks.
B: May I ask, sir, if you enjoyed your stay?
A: Except for one night, I enjoyed the hotel. And I loved New York, of course.
B: Thank you for your honesty. I assure you there will be no cockroaches next time.


A: I'm leaving. Here is my key.
B: Just one second, sir, and I'll give you your receipt. Here you go.
A: Thank you very much.
B: Sir, did you enjoy your stay here?
A: Most of my time here was pleasant. And New York itself is fantastic.
B: I'm glad you enjoyed the city, anyway. But please don't think too unkindly of us.


A: I'm out of here. Here's my key.
B: Give me just a few seconds, sir, and I'll hand you your receipt. Here you are.
A: I thank you.
B: I hope you enjoyed your stay, sir.
A: I only had nine little problems here. Other than that, I enjoyed my stay, and I loved the city.
B: I apologize again for the cockroaches, sir. I hope you have a nice trip home.


A: My stay is over. Here's the key to my room.
B: Thank you. And here's your receipt, sir.
A: Many thanks.
B: I hope your stay here was satisfactory, sir.
A: This could be a great hotel, once you get rid of the insects. The city itself is great.
B: I'm glad that the little problem didn't ruin your visit. Please have a pleasant trip home.


A: This visit is over for me. Here's your room key.
B: Thank you for that, and in return, here's your receipt.
A: And thanks to you.
B: I hope you'll visit us again, sir.
A: I'd be willing to try this hotel again, if you can promise me no more cockroaches.
B: I guarantee you that our little “friends” won't be back. I hope your trip home is pleasant.

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