Calling to Cancel a Reservation


A: I'm calling to cancel a reservation I made earlier in the week.
B: To cancel your reservation, I need your name, phone number, and date of trip, please.
A: Rudy Randolph, 818-555-1234. My reservation begins on the second Monday of April.
B: I see your reservation on my computer. Let me just cancel it, and you'll be all set!
A: Thanks. I'll call again when things get better at home.
B: You're welcome.


A: I need to cancel my reservation. I have personal matters that need fixing.
B: That's not a problem. Just give me your name, phone number, and date of visit.
A: Rudy Randolph, 818-555-1234, April 9 through 15.
B: I see your info here on the screen. I'll hit just one button, sir, and you're cancelled.
A: Thank you. I'm glad that wasn't too much of a bother.
B: It's a pleasure.


A: I made a reservation earlier this week, but I have to cancel it.
B: No problem, sir. Just tell me your name, phone number, and date of reservation.
A: Great! I'm Rudy Randolph, 818-555-1234, and my reservation was for April 9 to 15.
B: Sir, let me hit the delete button, and your reservation will be cancelled.
A: That was nice and fast. Thanks.
B: Not at all.


A: I hate to do this, but I've got to cancel a reservation I made earlier this week.
B: All I need is your name, phone, and reservation date.
A: My name is Rudy Randolph. I'm at 818-555-1234. The reservation was for April 9.
B: Randolph, Rudy. Let me hit one button, sir, and now your reservation is cancelled.
A: Thank you. I'll make another reservation as soon as I can.
B: It's been my pleasure to help you.


A: My wife is sick, so I have to cancel a reservation I made.
B: If you'll just give me your name, phone, and date of visit, I can cancel your reservation.
A: I'm Rudy Randolph at 818-555-1234, April ninth to the fifteenth.
B: Mr. Randolph. Okay, one second, sir, and there you go. Your reservation is now cancelled.
A: I wish everything in life was so simple, thank you.
B: Not a problem, sir. Please remember us in the future.

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