Making Negative Comments on Food


A: George, how is your chicken?
B: My chicken tastes all right, but it is pretty dry. How is your fish?
A: My fish is pretty dry too.
B: It's almost as if this food has been sitting a little too long. It doesn't seem fresh.
A: Yes, it seems that way to me also.
B: How are your vegetables?
A: My vegetables are very soggy.
B: Mine are the same way. It seems like they've been overcooked.
A: I don't usually complain, but I think that we should mention this to the waiter.
B: I agree. Maybe they can bring us some better food.


A: George, is your chicken OK?
B: It tastes great, but it is really dry. Is your fish all right?
A: My fish is very dry.
B: I wonder if they left it sitting around too long before they served it.
A: That's exactly what I was thinking had happened.
B: Are your vegetables OK?
A: The vegetables are kind of mushy.
B: So are mine. I think they left them cooking too long.
A: The food here is usually good, so I think that we should tell the waiter that there is a problem.
B: I think that you are right. Maybe they can give us a free dessert or something.


A: Does your chicken taste all right?
B: The chicken tastes wonderful, but it is kind of dry. Is your fish OK?
A: My fish has good seasoning but is a little dry.
B: It seems as if they got busy and left it sitting before it got to us.
A: Yes, maybe they are short-handed in the kitchen tonight.
B: Are your vegetables a little mushy?
A: The vegetables seem to not be very fresh.
B: Mine aren't so good, either.
A: I usually enjoy the meals here, so I think that we should tell the waiter that there is something wrong with this meal.
B: I think that we should let someone know. They will probably want to fix the problem.


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