Talking Positively About the Restaurant


A: So, how did you like the restaurant?
B: I thought that it was very good.
A: I felt the food was excellent.
B: What did you like the best?
A: I liked the fish the best.
B: I liked the fish also, but I really enjoyed the dessert the most.
A: Yes, the macadamia cakes were wonderful.
B: Wasn't the service top-notch?
A: Yes, the waiter was very attentive.
B: I hope to be able to come back to this restaurant soon.


A: Did you like the restaurant?
B: It was pretty good.
A: The food was wonderful.
B: What was your favorite dish?
A: The fish was my favorite.
B: Yes, the fish was great, but the dessert was awesome.
A: I agree that the macadamia cake was awesome.
B: Didn't you think that the service was the best?
A: Yes, our waiter really went out of the way for us.
B: I would like to return to this restaurant soon.


A: How do you feel about this restaurant?
B: I really liked it!
A: I really enjoyed the food.
B: What did you enjoy the most?
A: I enjoyed the fish the most.
B: The fish was pretty special, but I loved the dessert.
A: The macadamia cake was out-of-this-world!
B: I really felt that the service was exceptionally good.
A: Yes, the service really added to the experience.
B: I am looking forward to returning to this restaurant.


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