Marketing the House


A: Thank you for coming to look at my house.
B: I really wanted to take a look and help give you an idea of what we need to do.
A: When will people come to look at my house?
B: Basically, there are two ways people can view your home. They can come to an Open House or they can come with a Realtor to view it during a private appointment.
A: Will people from other real estate offices be involved, or just from your office?
B: Your house is going to be listed as a Multiple Listing so that it will have the maximum exposure to a variety of people.
A: Will I know when people are going to come see my house?
B: We will set the parameters in the contract, but usually you will receive at least four hours of notification that someone is coming.
A: What happens during an Open House day?
B: You will be expected to be away during an Open House. I will take care of the details.


A: I appreciate you dropping by to look at my home.
B: It is useful for us to take a walk through your home together, so that we make sure that we are on the same page.
A: How do you show my home to potential buyers?
B: We will have an Open House or two on a weekend and we also will show your home with private appointments during the week.
A: Are you the only real estate office that will be showing my house?
B: We are placing your house as a Multiple Listing. That way, people who don't work for my particular office can show your home to their clients.
A: How will I know when to expect prospective buyers?
B: That will be set in your contract. Usually, you will be given four hours notice.
A: Can I stay home during an Open House day?
B: The seller is never at home during an Open House. I personally will handle the showing of your home.


A: Thanks for stopping by to evaluate my home.
B: I want to make sure that you are very clear on what the steps are to selling a home.
A: When can people come and see my home?
B: We will have several Open House weekends. Various realtors will also show your house during the week.
A: Will I know all of the realtors who will be showing my home, or will they be strangers?
B: Your house will be listed on what we call a Multiple Listing. That way it will be shown by a variety of realtors.
A: Can people just drop in anytime they feel like it?
B: We usually try and give you at least four hours of notification that someone is coming to look at your home.
A: Will I have to go away during an Open House day?
B: I will handle all of the work involved for the Open House. The only thing that you need to do is be somewhere else!


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