Accepting a Counteroffer


A: My assistant called and said that you had received a response to our counteroffer.
B: Yes, the buyers called me just an hour ago.
A: Did they accept the counteroffer?
B: They came back with their own counteroffer of five thousand less than you wanted.
A: What do you think about their offer?
B: I think that this is a good offer. They also would like to have a 90-day escrow to allow them to sell their home.
A: The length of the escrow is not a huge issue with us.
B: They also want the sale contingent on a good building inspection.
A: That is reasonable, and I accept those conditions.
B: I will let them know that you have accepted their counteroffer. They will be very pleased!


A: I had a message on my phone that the buyers had responded to our counteroffer.
B: Yes, the response just came through on the fax machine.
A: Was the counteroffer acceptable to them?
B: They made their own counteroffer of five thousand less than you proposed.
A: Do you feel that their counteroffer is reasonable?
B: Their offer is a good one. They also want to have a short escrow as they have already sold their home and are ready to move in.
A: We can accommodate the buyer's desire for an escrow length of their choosing.
B: They want their building inspector to approve the quality of the house.
A: I would expect that to be the case and accept their counteroffer.
B: I will contact the buyers immediately and let them know of your acceptance of their counteroffer. I am sure they will be excited!


A: I was calling in to see if there had been any response from the buyers regarding my counteroffer.
B: Yes, the buyer's agent just contacted me while I was at an Open House.
A: Did they state whether the counteroffer worked for them or not?
B: They almost accepted your counteroffer price but want to go a little lower. They are offering five thousand less than your counteroffer.
A: In your professional opinion, is this a good offer?
B: Personally in today's market, I would accept the offer. They also want a short escrow as they feel that interest rates are low right now.
A: We can either lengthen or shorten the escrow for the buyer.
B: They want to make sure that the inspector says that there are no major problems with the house before this is a solid deal.
A: Of course, the house will have to pass a basic inspection, but we accept their counteroffer.
B: The buyers will be happy to hear that you have accepted their counteroffer.


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