Deciding Which Offer to Accept


A: Your office called and left a message that several offers had come in on our home.
B: Yes, we received three offers in one day for your home!
A: Were the offers for a good price?
B: One offer was for the full asking price, one slightly below, and one above.
A: Well, I am going to accept the highest bid, of course!
B: Actually there are a few things to consider other than who is offering the most money.
A: What other factors do I need to consider?
B: We need to consider the likelihood of the buyers actually being able to purchase the house.
A: How do we check on the buyer's ability to purchase our home?
B: We will check to see if these buyers are pre-qualified for the loan amount that they need. This information will help you make a good decision.
A: When we get all of that information, then I will make my decision.
B: When you make that decision, I will present it to the buyers.


A: I received your e-mail about the many purchase offers for my house.
B: It has been quite a busy day regarding your home. We just received three offers!
A: Did the potential buyers offer a good price?
B: There were offers above and below your asking price, as well as one exactly for the asking price.
A: The highest bid is always the best bid!
B: We need to look at the big picture in deciding which bid to accept.
A: What things would you like me to look at?
B: Just because a buyer offers the money doesn't mean that they actually have the credit to purchase the home.
A: How do I get the information about a buyer's ability to afford to buy a home?
B: We will check to see if any of these buyers have a large down payment. A large amount of available cash would be a good sign.
A: I will wait for that information and give you my answer.
B: Please let me know when you have made your decision, and I will contact the buyers.


A: My friend said that you had called regarding multiple offers for my home.
B: The Open House was quite a success. Last night we received three offers on your home!
A: I am anxious to hear how good an offer we received!
B: Offers above and below the asking price came in. One was right on the money.
A: Let's go with the highest bid!
B: We need to look at a number of factors in deciding which bid to go with.
A: What matters besides getting the money for the house?
B: We need to make sure that these potential buyers all actually qualify to even purchase a home.
A: I don't even know where to begin checking on a buyer's credit information.
B: We can check to see if these buyers have already sold their current home. This would make them more desirable.
A: I think that gathering that information will be helpful to me.
B: Please let me know if I can further assist you in making your decision.


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