Favorite Movie


A: What's your favorite movie?
B: My favorite movie is Superbad.
A: Oh, why is that?
B: It's the funniest movie that I've ever seen.
A: That's true. It is a very funny movie.
B: You've seen it before?
A: Yes, I saw that movie the first day it came out in theaters.
B: Didn't you laugh through the whole movie? I did.
A: Me too. That movie brought tears to my eyes.
B: Mine too.
A: I have it on DVD at my house if you want to come over and watch it.
B: Sure, let's go.


A: Which movie is your favorite to watch?
B: I have to say, my favorite movie is Superbad.
A: Is that right? Why?
B: Honestly, it is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time.
A: You're right. That movie is hilarious.
B: I didn't think you saw that movie.
A: I went to see it the day it came out.
B: I was laughing through the whole movie.
A: I couldn't help laughing, either.
B: Same here.
A: I bought the movie. Would you like to come to my house and watch it?
B: Of course.


A: Out of every movie that you've seen, which one is your favorite?
B: I'm going to have to say that Superbad is the best movie ever.
A: You think so, how come?
B: Well, Superbad is super funny.
A: You're not lying, I found that movie absolutely hilarious.
B: I didn't know that you saw Superbad before.
A: I made sure to be in line to see it the first day it came out.
B: I couldn't keep from laughing throughout the whole movie.
A: I was laughing hysterically the whole time; my stomach muscles hurt afterwards.
B: That's exactly how I felt.
A: I got the movie when it came out on DVD, do you want to come over?
B: I would love to.


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