Before Transferring to a New School


A: Are you ready yet?
B: What are you talking about?
A: You're transferring tomorrow.
B: Yeah. I'm ready.
A: Are you nervous?
B: Of course I am.
A: What are you nervous about?
B: I won't know anybody.
A: That shouldn't be a problem.
B: Why?
A: It's good to meet new people.
B: You're right. I should be okay.


A: You ready?
B: Am I ready for what?
A: Are you ready to transfer to a new school tomorrow?
B: Oh. Yes, I'm ready to transfer.
A: You're not nervous, are you?
B: I'm very nervous.
A: Why are you nervous?
B: I'm not going to know anybody there.
A: That's not a problem.
B: That makes me nervous.
A: It's fun meeting new people.
B: I didn't think about it that way.


A: You're ready, right?
B: Ready for what?
A: Are you ready to transfer tomorrow?
B: Yes. I am ready.
A: You're not nervous?
B: Of course I'm nervous.
A: What are you most nervous about?
B: I won't know anybody at that school.
A: You shouldn't be nervous about that.
B: Why not?
A: Meeting new people is a good thing.
B: That's a good way to think about it.


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