Transferring from another school


A: Are you new to this school?
B: Yes, I'm new.
A: Is this your first year in college?
B: I transferred from another school.
A: Where did you transfer from?
B: I was at PCC before.
A: Why did you transfer?
B: I was going to go here first, but my grades weren't good enough.
A: Did you like it at PCC?
B: PCC is an incredible school.
A: Well, I wish you luck here.
B: I'm sure I'll like it here.


A: Are you new here?
B: This is my first day here.
A: Are you a freshman in college?
B: I started school somewhere else.
A: What school did you transfer from?
B: I started at PCC.
A: What made you transfer?
B: My grades weren't good enough to go here.
A: Did you like PCC?
B: I loved PCC.
A: Good luck here.
B: I'm excited to be here.


A: You're new here, right?
B: Yes, I am.
A: Will this be your first year?
B: No, I transferred here.
A: What school did you come from?
B: I transferred from PCC.
A: Why'd you transfer here?
B: I wanted to attend this school originally, but my grades out of high school weren't good enough.
A: Is PCC a good school?
B: PCC is great!
A: I hope you enjoy it here.
B: Thank you very much.


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