Asking a Friend About Car Insurance


A: What kind of car insurance do you have?
B: I went with the Automobile Club.
A: Why did you choose that company?
B: I looked at the price of the type of insurance that I wanted.
A: What should I think about in choosing services?
B: There are websites that will figure out what coverage is right for you.
A: What did you end up buying?
B: Well, my car is very old, so I didn't worry so much about what it would cost to repair it. I did buy a lot of coverage for fixing someone else's car.
A: Have you ever had to use your insurance?
B: I never had to use my insurance.


A: When you insured your car, what kind did you buy?
B: I decided to buy from GEICO.
A: What influenced your choice of companies?
B: I looked at the customer satisfaction rating of the company.
A: How did you figure out what services to buy?
B: Every individual has different considerations. Your agent can help you understand what you need to think about.
A: What did you place an emphasis on when you bought your insurance?
B: I carry a lot of liability insurance because I own a house and need to protect it from a lawsuit.
A: Did you ever get into an accident and need your insurance?
B: I was in an accident and was happy that I had good insurance to cover it.


A: What car insurance company did you decide to go with when you bought your new car?
B: State Farm seemed like the best deal for me.
A: How did you make that decision?
B: I compared rates and services available.
A: Where can I get help in figuring out what I need to purchase for coverage?
B: You can pick up a pamphlet at your insurance company that will explain the options to you.
A: What did you decide to cover yourself for?
B: I pretty much carry the average amount in all categories as the agent recommended.
A: How many times have you actually used your insurance?
B: I was in an accident, but it was the other person's fault and their insurance covered it.


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