Buying Insurance


A: I am interested in buying auto insurance.
B: Sure, I can help you. Did you bring all of your registration papers?
A: Yes, I brought everything with me.
B: Is your car with you?
A: Yes, it is out in the parking lot.
B: Wonderful. Let's go out and check to see what shape it is in.
A: OK, can you help me figure out what I should insure my car for?
B: I will look it up on the Blue Book list and we will factor in its condition.
A: What else do I need to consider?
B: Yes, you need to figure in liability for damage to the other car as well as injury issues as well.


A: Good morning, I need to buy car insurance for the used car I just bought.
B: Yes, no problem. Do you have your registration and Certificate of Ownership with you?
A: Yes, it is all right here.
B: Did you drive your car here?
A: Yes, it is out in the back.
B: That's great. We'll go out and check the condition of your car.
A: I understand, what should I insure my car for?
B: There is a Blue Book price for your car and we will use that price.
A: What other things do I need to insure for?
B: We will factor in damage to the other car as well as property damage and injury.


A: I just bought a used car and need to insure it.
B: We can take care of that right now. Do you have all of your paperwork with you?
A: Yes, I took care of all of that and have the papers with me.
B: Did you bring your car with you?
A: Yes, it is parked on the street.
B: Fine, I need to go out with you to check your car for wear and tear.
A: Fine, how will I know how much I should insure my car for?
B: After looking at your car, I will use the Blue Book price and we will consider the condition of the car.
A: Are there other considerations when I insure my car?
B: We always need to think about property damage, damage to other vehicles, and injury.


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