Deciding to Buy the Car


A: I really like that car and I am thinking of buying it.
B: Yes, I agree. Do you want to take it to a mechanic to have it checked out?
A: I already took care of that yesterday.
B: That's good. Have you discussed the price with the seller?
A: Yes, I think we've agreed upon a fair price.
B: Have you set up your financing to pay for this car?
A: Yes, my parents are going to loan me the money.
B: That's good. Would you like me to go talk to the seller with you and drive your car home?
A: That would be a great help!
B: Glad to be of help. I can't wait to see your new car!


A: That car is exactly what I want, so I probably should buy it.
B: From what I see, it's a good deal. Should a mechanic check it out for you?
A: A mechanic looked at it for me on Tuesday when I first looked at it.
B: It's good that you took care of that. Have you agreed upon a price with the seller?
A: Yes, he was willing to lower his price a bit and I'm good with that.
B: Do you know how you are going to pay for this car?
A: Yes, I have already pre-qualified for a loan with my credit union.
B: You are very well prepared! I could go with you to talk to the seller and help you get your car home.
A: I appreciate the offer of help!
B: It will be my pleasure to help you. I am looking forward to riding in your new car.


A: I think that that car drove really well and is a good deal.
B: It seems to be a good choice for you. You might want to have a mechanic take a look at it just to be sure.
A: My friend is a mechanic and he came and looked at it for me this morning.
B: That was smart of you to think ahead. Have you and the seller agreed upon a price?
A: Yes, he is willing to accept the price that I offered him.
B: Have you thought about how to pay for your car?
A: I saved up enough money to pay cash for this car.
B: You've really thought this through. Let me go with you to make the payment and drive your car home for you.
A: That would make it a lot easier for me.
B: Let's go take care of that right now. I really want to see your new car!


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