Detecting a Problem with the Car


A: I was thinking about buying this used car, and was wondering if you would take a look at it for me to see if it has any problems.
B: Sure, pull up over there and we'll take a look.
A: I just wasn't sure what to look for.
B: The first thing you do is look for any signs of wear both inside and out. We will also look at the body for signs of major repair.
A: Someone told me that I could go online and see if the car is listed as having been in a major accident.
B: Yes, that's right. Next, we will turn on the engine and I will check under the hood to look at the hoses and belts.
A: Should we take the car for a drive?
B: Yes, but before we pull away, let's check to make sure that the radio, turn signals, lights, and seats all work properly.
A: As I am driving what should I be checking?
B: You want to make sure that the brakes don't pull to one side and that the car has good alignment and acceleration.
A: Thanks for your help.
B: You are welcome. Enjoy driving your car!


A: Could you take a few minutes and see if there are any problems with this used car that I am thinking of buying?
B: I am happy to help. Just pull up and we'll give it a good look.
A: I don't know much about cars.
B: We need to look inside and outside for signs of an accident or major damage. Also, we need to look for wear on the tires.
A: If I go online I can also check to see if the car has been involved in a major accident.
B: Yes, you can check the history of the car online. Next, we need to turn on the engine and take a look at the belts and hoses.
A: Will you take a drive with me to check handling?
B: A test drive would be good. But first let's make sure that the turn signals, radio, lights, and seats work properly.
A: On a test drive, what should I look for?
B: We are checking for solid braking and good overall handling.
A: I appreciate you helping me figure out what to look for.
B: My pleasure. This seems to be a solid car and a good choice for you.


A: I want to buy this used car, but I need help figuring out if there are any problems with it.
B: I can help you with that. Drive the car over by the garage and we'll check it out.
A: I know some things to look for, but I know there are other special things to look for.
B: Always start with looking for signs of major damage that may have been repaired and also check tire wear.
A: If the car has been in a major accident, that should have been recorded online.
B: Right. All major accidents should have been recorded. Next start the car up, pop the hood, and we'll take a look at the belts and hoses.
A: I would like for you to take a test drive with me.
B: We'll do that in a minute, but first we should check that the radio, turn signals, and all of the lights work properly.
A: As we drive, what am I checking for?
B: You want to make sure that the alignment is good, that the engine accelerates smoothly, and that the car can safely brake to a stop.
A: I like knowing what to look for when buying a used car and appreciate the help.
B: This car is in good shape and should give you no major problems. Enjoy it!


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