Negotiating a Price with a Student


A: This car is exactly what I want!
B: I am glad that you like it. I've had good experiences with this car.
A: So, how much do you want for the car?
B: Well, the price in the paper was five thousand dollars.
A: Yes, I know, but I think that might be a little high for this car.
B: I might be able to come down a little on the price.
A: How about selling the car for four thousand?
B: No, that's way less than I could accept. However, I could accept forty-five hundred.
A: That sounds fair to me.
B: It's a deal then. Thank you!


A: I really love this car!
B: Great! I was hoping that it would go to a driver who appreciates it.
A: How much are you willing to take for the car?
B: As I am sure you noticed, the price on the window is five thousand dollars.
A: Don't you think you could come down a bit on the price?
B: You seem like a nice person. Maybe I could lower the price a bit.
A: Would you sell it to me for four thousand?
B: I am thinking more in the line of four thousand five hundred.
A: I'll take it then!
B: Perfect! That works for both of us.


A: I am definitely interested in buying this car.
B: Wonderful! It's good to find a person who really needs this car.
A: What is the price for this car?
B: The price I listed on eBay was five thousand dollars.
A: I was thinking that maybe you might be willing to lower the price a bit.
B: You know I just got a good deal on my new car. I think I can afford to knock a little off of this car.
A: I was thinking that four thousand would be a good price.
B: I couldn't go that low, but I could sell it for forty-five hundred.
A: That would work well for me.
B: It's done then. I've enjoyed doing business with you.


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