Where to Buy a Used Car


A: Where is the best place to buy a used car?
B: I have always purchased my used cars from an advertisement in the paper, but actually you have many options.
A: Where else could I look for a car?
B: You could look on the Internet. Craigslist is best, as most of the cars listed there are sold locally.
A: What would be best if I wanted to actually go see a lot of used cars that are for sale?
B: The best place is CarMax, which is a very large used car lot.
A: Where is CarMax?
B: There are many of them. You can look on the Internet or in the phone book for the one closest to you.
A: How about the listings on the college bulletin board?
B: Actually, that is not a bad way to go, especially near the end of a semester as students are moving away.


A: Can you help me figure out the best place to buy a used car?
B: There are a lot of different ways to go. I bought my last one from an advertisement in the paper.
A: What are my other options for looking for a used car?
B: Internet listings are good. Craigslist is pretty good because most of the cars are sold locally.
A: I think that I might actually like to see many used cars together so I can compare them.
B: The biggest used car lot is CarMax. I would check that place out.
A: How can I find out where CarMax is?
B: Look in the phone book or on the Internet for the one closest to you. There are a lot of them.
A: Have you ever seen the listings on the school bulletin board?
B: The school bulletin board can have some great deals, as many students sell their cars before they return home or as they get better paying jobs.


A: Where did you buy your last used car?
B: I found my last one in an advertisement in the newspaper, but there are a lot of other places to look for used cars.
A: Besides an advertisement, what else could I do to find a used car?
B: My friend bought his used car off of Craigslist. It works out better than eBay because the cars listed are located close by.
A: Is there anywhere I can go to see many used cars all in the same place?
B: Go to CarMax if you want to see the largest selection of used cars in one place.
A: I don't know where CarMax is.
B: CarMax has many car lots in many cities. For the one closest to you, check out the Internet or phone book.
A: Have you ever known anyone who bought a car off a listing on the university bulletin board?
B: You can get a good deal there. Especially at the end of the year, when students are selling things and returning home.


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