Luggage Limits


A: I don't know how much luggage I can take on the plane with me.
B: You need to look up each individual airline online to get their restrictions.
A: I just wonder what the general rules are.
B: In the United States, if you fly economy on a domestic flight, you usually have to pay for checked baggage.
A: What about international flights?
B: On international flights, you usually have a two-bag limit with weight restrictions.
A: What about carry-on bags?
B: All airlines will allow you to bring one small carry-on that will fit under the seat. Sometimes you can also bring a purse or handbag.
A: Do you have any words of wisdom for travelers in regard to luggage?
B: Keep it light in regard to what you pack. Figure out what you absolutely need and leave the rest at home.


A: I am getting packed for my vacation and don't know what the luggage restrictions are.
B: You could call the airline that you will be flying, and they can tell you what you can bring.
A: I just need to know what most of the airlines have decided to do.
B: Unless you fly on a discount carrier, you usually have to pay a fee for checked baggage if you fly economy.
A: Do I also have to pay on an international flight?
B: Some international airlines charge a fee for extra bags or weight but allow you a free bag.
A: How much carry-on luggage may I bring?
B: You may bring a carry-on piece of luggage, and usually you can bring a handbag also.
A: What overall suggestions do you have regarding travelers and luggage?
B: Do not bring anything on a trip that you don't really need. Think of it as leaving space for anything that you might want to purchase along the way!


A: I heard that the airlines are changing the luggage restrictions, and I need to find out what they are.
B: There are online sites that list the general restrictions of the airlines.
A: Because I fly a lot, I need to pack in a way that will be suitable for most airlines.
B: Except for the discount carriers, you almost always have to pay a fee for checked baggage if you fly economy within the U.S.
A: Do they charge a fee for baggage on an international flight?
B: Almost all international carriers charge for excessive luggage. You are limited in weight and size.
A: Is carry-on luggage allowed?
B: You are restricted in what you may carry on. You almost always can bring one small piece for free.
A: What do you think is the most important thing to remember when packing for a trip?
B: Pack lightly! You don't want to haul around or pay fees on things that aren't essential.


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