Talking to a Seatmate


A: That rain is really coming down out there!
B: Yes, it's kind of crazy weather outside.
A: I get kind of nervous flying in this kind of weather.
B: I don't think anyone feels all that comfortable flying in a storm.
A: Do you think it will be this bad the whole trip?
B: On the weather channel, this storm looked to be a big one. It will probably be with us for a while.
A: I worry about too much ice on the wings.
B: I have to believe that our pilot knows what he is doing and we'll be okay.
A: When do you think the pilot will turn off the Fasten Your Seatbelt sign?
B: He'll turn it off as soon as he knows that we are through the turbulence.
A: Do you think that we are going to crash?
B: Maybe. You just never know.


A: It sure is windy out there!
B: It definitely is not the perfect day to fly, is it?
A: I am scared of flying to begin with, but bad weather makes it a little worse.
B: Anyone who actually enjoys flying in bad weather is out of their mind.
A: Will the whole flight be this bad?
B: I think that it will probably let up once we get out of here. Let's cross our fingers!
A: What if we hit a flock of birds?
B: Plane crashes are very rare. We'll be fine.
A: Do you think that the pilot will ever turn off the Fasten Your Seatbelt sign?
B: The pilot needs to make sure that there is no more turbulence before he lets us get up.
A: Do you think that we are going to die?
B: Can I buy you an alcoholic beverage?


A: I can't believe how bad the weather is today!
B: Yes, according to the weather report, we will be flying through a pretty nasty storm.
A: I don't really like flying in this kind of weather.
B: It is normal to feel a little nervous about flying in bad weather.
A: How long do you think this will last?
B: Usually the pilot can get enough altitude to get above it. I hope that happens this time!
A: What if one of the engines stops working?
B: I trust that the airline wouldn't let us take off without feeling that all was okay.
A: How much longer do you think that the pilot will leave the Fasten Your Seatbelt sign on?
B: When we are past the turbulence, I am sure that the pilot will shut the light off.
A: Do you think we are headed for an air disaster?
B: Would you like a pillow and blanket so you can take a nap?


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