Arranging a Tour of the City


A: I was wondering if you could help me book a few tours.
B: You have come to the right place. How many days will you be visiting here?
A: I will be here for a week.
B: Have you ever visited our city before?
A: This is my first time visiting this city.
B: What are you interested in? Do you enjoy museums and buildings, or would you rather hit some outdoor hotspots and venues?
A: I really enjoy visiting museums and art galleries.
B: We have tours for all interests.
A: Do you have a city tour?
B: Yes, in fact, I usually suggest that to visitors.


A: I need help knowing how to book some tours.
B: We will be able to book your tours here. How long will you be here?
A: I am only staying for three days.
B: Is this your first stay in our city?
A: I have been here before on a business trip but didn't really have a chance to see much.
B: Have you thought of what types of things you would like to see? Would you maybe like to visit some outdoor venues or nighttime hotspots?
A: I love being outdoors and would love to spend some time at the beach.
B: We have a tour that can take you where you can see all of that.
A: Do you have a tour where I can get a quick overview of the city?
B: We do have tours like that, and I think that that is a good place to start.


A: I need help figuring out what to see and visit in this city.
B: We are definitely the place to come to when booking tours. What is the length of your stay here?
A: I am on a layover and will only have today and tomorrow morning to sightsee.
B: How familiar are you with our city?
A: Actually I was born here but haven't been here in twenty years.
B: Do you have any ideas of what you would like to see? Perhaps you would enjoy our world-renowned museums or a visit to our magnificent zoological gardens.
A: I was interested in checking out local architecture.
B: I think that you would enjoy a number of our tours.
A: Is there any way that I can take a quick tour of the city, so that I can get some idea as to what I might like to see?
B: A general city tour is an excellent tour to start with.


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