Shopping for Souvenirs


A: I want to look at the souvenirs over at the souvenir stand.
B: What do you need to buy?
A: I usually buy myself some jewelry or some clothing.
B: I always buy a lot of things for my family. How about you?
A: Yes, they practically swarm me when I get home!
B: What are some of their favorite gifts?
A: The teenagers like me to bring them tee shirts that you can't get anywhere else.
B: This stuff is pretty expensive, isn't it?
A: Souvenirs cost a lot for what they are, but we can shop around for better prices.
B: Let's go across the street and see what they have over there.


A: Let's stop and look at the souvenirs at the souvenir stand.
B: What types of souvenirs were you looking for?
A: When I travel, I usually like to bring back a special necklace or clothing.
B: I end up buying a lot of stuff for the kids in my family. Do you like to do that, too?
A: My family loves for me to take trips so they can get the goodies I bring them.
B: What types of things do they like?
A: The little kids like little trinkets, like those little shell animals over there.
B: I feel like this stuff is kind of overpriced.
A: Some souvenir stands charge more than others, so it pays to shop around.
B: Why don't we try checking prices a little farther away from the tourist section?


A: We need to stop so I can shop for some souvenirs at the souvenir stand.
B: Do you have anything in particular that you are looking for?
A: I love to go clothes-shopping when I travel or buy a new piece of jewelry.
B: The kids in my family love getting souvenirs. How about the children in your family?
A: Everyone in my family enjoys getting treats from my travels!
B: What do they like you to bring home?
A: My nieces love to get little jewelry boxes like those on the top shelf.
B: Things seem to cost a lot at this stand.
A: You really need to shop around with souvenirs because they can vary a lot in price.
B: We could walk a few more blocks away from the beach and see what the prices are like there.


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