Shuttle Bus at the Airport


A: Is this where I catch the Super Shuttle?
B: Yes, this is where you catch the Super Shuttle. Where are you headed?
A: I am headed home to Pasadena.
B: You can tell where each van is headed by the name on the front of the van. I am the driver for Glendale, but your van should be along in a minute.
A: Do you know how much it costs to get to Pasadena?
B: I believe the cost of that trip is sixty dollars.
A: Do you know if the shuttle goes directly to Pasadena, or does it make a lot of stops?
B: Before you pay the driver, you need to ask him. He needs to be upfront with you about the number of stops he will be making.
A: Do I need to have exact change?
B: You don't need exact change, but it is useful to have smaller bills.


A: They told me inside that I should catch the Super Shuttle here.
B: You are in the right place to catch the Super Shuttle. What is your destination?
A: I am trying to get to my home in Pasadena.
B: Look at the sign on the front of the van to tell where each van is headed. My van is going to Glendale, but yours will be along in minute.
A: How much does a trip to Pasadena cost?
B: If I remember correctly, that trip costs sixty dollars.
A: I am hoping that this shuttle goes straight to my city without making a bunch of stops.
B: Always ask the driver how many stops he plans to make before you pay him.
A: If I have large bills, should I break them while I am waiting?
B: It is better if you have cash close to the amount of the fare. There is an ATM machine right over there.


A: Am I in the right place to catch the Super Shuttle?
B: This is the Super Shuttle stop. Where are you trying to get to?
A: My final destination is my home in Pasadena.
B: The destination of each van is always written across the top. I have Glendale written on mine, but your van will be here shortly.
A: What is the price of a shuttle trip to Pasadena?
B: The trip to Pasadena costs sixty dollars.
A: I need to know if this shuttle is going to make a lot of stops or go straight to Pasadena.
B: If you find out the driver will be making too many stops on the way, you may wish to wait for a more direct shuttle.
A: What should I pay the driver with?
B: There is an ATM machine over by that wall. It is best if you have bills close to the amount that you will owe.


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