Collecting Unemployment Benefits


A: I was wondering if I could collect unemployment benefits.
B: Did you get laid off?
A: I am still working for now, but I might get laid off.
B: You may collect unemployment if you are working fewer hours or got laid off.
A: Does everyone who gets laid off get to collect unemployment?
B: No, some jobs are exempt from paying into unemployment.
A: How can I find out if I can collect?
B: Your employer can tell you if you have been paying into unemployment and now qualify to collect.
A: How will I know how much I can collect on unemployment?
B: It depends on how much you earned. When you file, they will determine the amount.


A: Can I collect unemployment benefits?
B: Are you still working?
A: My employer cut back on my hours.
B: If you got laid off or are working a lot fewer hours, you may qualify.
A: Do I definitely get to collect unemployment?
B: Not all jobs pay into unemployment insurance, so their employees cannot collect benefits.
A: How do I check out my status to collect unemployment?
B: You should have noticed unemployment insurance being deducted from your paycheck. Check your pay stubs.
A: How much will my unemployment check be?
B: The more money you made, the more you will earn on unemployment. They have a formula.


A: How do I know if I qualify for unemployment benefits?
B: Are you working fewer hours than you used to work?
A: I got laid off.
B: You usually qualify if you got laid off or are working a lot fewer hours.
A: Do all jobs provide unemployment?
B: Most jobs provide unemployment, but some don't.
A: Do you think that my job pays unemployment?
B: You can call your unemployment office, and they can check for you.
A: Will I be able to collect a lot of money on unemployment?
B: There is a formula to determine the amount based on how much you earned. They will let you know when you file your claim.


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